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@Robert said:

2D modifications - very little effort, you'd need to roughly understand what it does, then change a few lines of code. Full shader support for 2D is available, there is however no explicit tile support at all, you'll just draw lots of sprites for that (and drawing sprites in Kha is actually faster than explicit tile support in other frameworks).

I actually meant sprites, not tiles, typo :)
But good to know, anyway!

Important thing to understand though - Kha is not an engine. It is the lowest building block of an engine, taking care of all portability woes. Consequently instancing can be used any way you want but you will have to write the shaders for that yourself (sample here:

I had a look at that. It is understandable, but I think it would be too much effort for me (I'd need animation support, and writing shaders for that is hardly something I'd like to do ;) ). But it matters little, as massive amounts of sprites can be used instead.

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@Robert said:

Mixing 2D and 3D - yes, but when you use Kha's standard 2D api there is no way to provide z coordinates for your sprites so they can clip correctly in a 3D world. Copying Kha's 2D on 3D apis code (kha.graphics4.Graphics2.hx) and modifying it slightly would be a good strategy though - it can draw hundreds of thousands of sprites even in a web browser.

Hmmm... that is intriguing. How much effort would you think that would be (and does the 2D already support shaders on tiles)?

Instancing is of course also supported.

"Of course"? Not too many engines actually do that ;) I didn't actually expect it.
What kind of instancing is it? With animation/without, supporting different shader groups (like 100 green trees, 100 brown ones, but all use the same base material, just changed shader parameters), etc.

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Hey there,

I was wondering if it is possible to mix 2D tilemaps and 3D graphics in a similar style as it was done for example in Heroes Of Annihilated Empires ( ). There, you see 3D landscape (and some 3D models) mixed with massive amounts of 2D sprites for smaller units.

Can something in that vein be easily done with Kha at the moment?
I'm not talking about creating your own tilemap classes for that purpose, but if Kha's current classes would allow this out of the box.

Alternatively, is it possible to do instancing with Kha (massive amounts of equal 3D models) ?

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Well, this is certainly awesome.

Will the vscode-haxe-plugins work inside Kode Studio?

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