Kode Studio unable to find Visual Studio 2017 for compile on Windows

Brilliant! That did the trick. Thank you for the quick response.
Kode Studio outputs...

Visual Studio not found.
--compile not yet implemented for this platform

Though, the VS project files are created and I'm able to open and compile them properly in VS 2017. Have a wonderful evening.


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How do you set the Image readable flag when using Assests.loadeverything?

Yes Robert, thank you. Your suggestion indeed worked.

For convenience I split my assets up into two categories, one for images I wish to have access to pixel data (eg. sprite) and another for those which the data is not required (eg. logos, backgrounds) and composed it in the khafile like so.

projectName.addAssets('Assets/Resources/** ' )
projectName.addAssets('Assets/Readable/** ', {readable: true});

I appreciate your insight, cheers.

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