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Just a quick recap since the recent server issues lost some posts:

  • Since 17.9.1, the unicode glyphs have stopped rendering for me when running via Kode Studio on Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Intel HD Graphics 3000).

  • I've uploaded a sample to KodeGarden (link below), but that also has an unusual (possibly unrelated problem) where it works for me (including the unicode glyphs) when I first click and follow that link, but if I then click "Compile & Restart" nothing renders whatsoever.

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@lubos Hey, thanks Lubos. I've just created an issue here:

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@Robert :-D

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Hmmm, "Krom"...? What is this? :-)

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An update to the "mystery" of the non-working sizes from my previous post:

It turns out the unicode characters weren't drawing for sizes 12 & 24 because those were the "fontSize" and "fontSmallSize" parameter values I was passing into the constructor for the instantiation of my Zui object.

If I change the sizes passed into Zui then those sizes stop working instead; and if I comment out the Zui instantiation entirely (as I had when writing my previous post) then all sizes work fine.

(Note: in all these cases I'm not actually using Zui for anything - I'm just instantiating it.)

So it sounds like this may actually be a Zui library issue instead...

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That's great Rob, thanks! Setting the fontGlyphs is fine for me as there's only a handful of characters I need to use anyway.

Incidentally, I did encounter some slightly strange behaviour whereby my unicode character wouldn't display at a couple of font sizes (strangely enough, at the sizes 12 & 24 where the rest of the text looked the best, so presumably it was at multiples of its "native" size). However, just as I was trying to isolate whether it was an issue with my code, or perhaps with the font itself, all of a sudden it started working fine - and it continues to work fine now.

So that remains a bit of a mystery...

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I've been trying to draw a string containing unicode characters, but I'm not having any success.

Naively I've just been pasting the characters into the code like so:


But the character simply doesn't draw.

I found a tweet from Rob from a little while ago saying there were some Haxe-related complications with drawing unicode characters; but it did also suggest there was perhaps a way.

Does anyone have any tips?


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@Robert Ahha, yes that would explain the 1000s of commits! Great to hear that you've merged VSCode 1.0 in so quickly. Thanks for keeping the build repositories up-to-date - I shall keep an eye on the Downloads page then.

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@Robert Hi, I was just wondering if you recommend those of us following Kode Studios's development keenly to build from source to keep up-to-date? Is the GitHub repo generally stable?

I only really ask because I notice there's apparently been 2000+ commits according to GitHub since the most recent download release, which makes me wonder what cool new features I might be missing out on! ;-)

And out of curiosity, in the longer term, is the plan to use a similar self-updating mechanism to what other Electron-based projects such as Atom and VS Code use?


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I just wanted to say this is an extremely exciting development! Thanks for all the great work.

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