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    Yes. I can compile regular emscripten projects.
    I tested FreeType, bullet, sdl2.

    I could build my game successfully when I compiled all the individual files one by one without using makefile.

    I want to use makefile. But, I can't.

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    I made a tiny puzzle game for android using kinc.

    I didn't use kode, kha, haxe.

    Now I want to port the game to html5.

    I don't know how to build html5 makefile.

    I generated makefile for html5

    node Kore/make html5

    set emscripten build environment



    emmake make

    I got following error message.
    But, I checked that python is installed normally in that path.

    /cygdrive/d/Projects/emsdk/upstream/emscripten/emcc: line 33: exec: D:\Projects\emsdk\python\3.7.4-pywin32_64bit\python.exe: not found
    make: *** [makefile:3: kore.html] Error 127

    I was able to compile individual source files successfully.

    emcc -O2 -c ........

    But, I couldn't compile it using a makefile.

    What am I missing ?

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