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Sounds good. Happy New Year!

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I'm sorry that I did not answer right away, all this time I was exploring the old code base with the old kha version. There is a lot of work to be done. And about the rooms, yes the project use rooms.

I will be glad of any help to convert the project.kha into a new build version, perhaps someone else will need it too.

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I got a fairly large game project on Kha. The whole project is assembled with the help of a hake tool which is not currently supported and uses another Kha/make build tool instead.

My project is large, it is divided into modules, each of which has its own build file - project.kha. project.kha file has in different assets folders and inside the source code folder.

How can I convert my old project.kha files into the new build system tool Kha/make? Is there an instruction somewhere how to update an old kha projects?

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