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    I logged an issue about this on GitHub last week but in hindsight, that was perhaps not the first place to go.

    Has anyone got a working example of g4.drawIndexedVerticesInstanced for iOS?

    To summarise my post on GitHub, I have tried the example project as well as a test of my own - both work fine as HTML application.

    I don’t think I am doing anything wrong but maybe I am?

    When I run on iOS (built from Kode Studio or via Kha/make —graphics opengl), all I get is the background colour, nothing else is drawn and no errors are reported.

    On my own code, If I use Kha/make and give it the flag —graphics metal, I get the following…

    MTLDebugRenderCommandEncoder setFragmentSamplerState:atIndex:]:1877

    On the example project, with the metal flag, the project does not build due to the error

    use of undeclared identifier 'm' in simple.vert.metal

    I think this is because the generated cpp does not seem to include the necessary code for float4x4 data types.

    Anyone able to point me in the right direction?


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