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    Is it possible to build kinc out of the box as a shared or static library? kincmake seems to be project oriented and I can’t figure out if it can build libraries.

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    Confirmed. The latest update has me up and running on OSX. Thanks!

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    Using Xcode 7.0.1 on El Capitan. I have tried fresh Git pulls of the examples listed on the GitHub page. Running node Kha/make.js osx spits out the Xcode project. Below is the Xcode logs of the Blocks From Heaven example but they all product the same error. When running (either in Debug or Release mode) I just get a black screen. Audio does seem to work though as the background music was playing. The full error output is below. Any ideas on where I can start looking to get this fixed?

    Starting Kore
    Reading project.kha
    deviceBufferSize = 4096
    mSampleRate = 44100
    mFormatFlags = 00000009
    mBytesPerPacket = 8
    mFramesPerPacket = 1
    mChannelsPerFrame = 2
    mBytesPerFrame = 8
    mBitsPerChannel = 32
    Initializing Haxe libraries
    Starter.hx:61: Starter.hx: Load finished
    Starter.hx:88: Calling gameToStart.loadFinished()
    Image block_red.png
    Image block_blue.png
    Image block_green.png
    Image block_orange.png
    Image block_purple.png
    Image block_violet.png
    Image block_yellow.png
    Image board.png
    Image score.png
    Image title.png
    Starting application
    OpenGL: Unknown error
    Application stopped

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