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I added a minimal multiple-render-targets test repo, can also be used as an example:

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Something like this should do for both html5 and krom. It's eval() but so far good enough for me. ammo.js has to be included as an asset in khafile.js.

#if js
    static function loadJsLib(jsname:String, done:Void->Void) {
    kha.LoaderImpl.loadBlobFromDescription({ files: [jsname] }, function(b:kha.Blob) {
        untyped __js__("(1, eval)({0})", b.toString());

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Currently you would have to implement cube map related functionality for the graphics API of your interest yourself. As far as I know none of the targets have it. Would come handy here too. :)

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The holy grail is near!

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Hey, feel free to open issue at Zui repo and we can investigate further. The font size parameters passed should only set g.fontSize internally.

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For picking, what about one of the solutions here?

The tutorials are modelled after that site, so following that should be straightforward.
Physics engine may be overkill just for that, but in any case haxebullet is here.

Sliders were fixed by Romamik, can't take credit for that :)

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This should work. Can you upload a minimal sample project?

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Git Kha and KodeStudio come with Haxe bundled internally, and it is already using Haxe 3.3.0.
Haxelib Kha is waiting for Haxe 3.3.0 release, and that's why it's very outdated at this point..

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Uh, Android target spits out gradle files - you can build and deploy apk using those with a single command.

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You can add defines through khafile.js like this:


More options here:

And you may also use already built-in ones:

#if (sys_android || sys_android_native)

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