• lewislepton

    @lewislepton just now done an update & have created a OneWay class which only handle with... one way platforms.

    super simple & super easy to get it up & running & have created an example to go with it

    have phün & happy coding

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  • lewislepton

    howdy folks

    who doesnt like physics?
    well most dont like dealing it in games, but that didnt stop me from making a wrapper for the fantastic physics engine 'nape'.
    this wrapper will cut out a ton of native nape code to get physics working in kha.

    currently there are a few examples to play with & see how it works. you do need nape installed, but if you install 'qn' - it automagically looks for & installs nape.

    current examples

    • image shapes
    • listen collide sensor
    • multi shape

    there is still plenty to do, but it is useable for many things & does implement the material & bounce features as well.
    I also recently tried a native build & happily it worked very well.

    I do plan to make some online playground of examples as well, much like the original nape website. just a way folks can see whats happening & how things work.

    Im currently planning the portal stuff as well as other such cool shizzle

    but have a play around & if you want to expand, by all means fork the repo & push any updates you may feel would be better for the library.

    all the best, have phün & happy coding

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  • lewislepton

    well done man.
    shame as im DVORAK, but will try the source code & remap the keyboard to play 😉

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  • lewislepton

    howdy folkles,

    KhappyBalt is a kha converted version of the HaxeFlixel demo FlappyBalt

    this will be featured in a short game series that co-insides with the kha tutorial series, which teaches how to use kha for creative coding purposes.
    in the game series we will be making this game from start to finish

    • sprite animation
    • one touch gameplay
    • particles [still working on this]
    • building menu, options, retry & gameplay states [not in the original]
    • buttons to start the game, retry etc
    • adding sounds & randomising them [not in original]
    • tweening menu stuff & other cack [not in original]
    • making a reusable library
    • making it playable on iOS & android as well as html & desktop
    • exporting for html & playable on itchio

    this version of the game is still in the beta stages until its fully finished & then will be recorded into the game series.
    source code for the series will be available as well
    patreon backers will get the entire series first, along with the source code. public releases will on tuesdays/thursdays, along with the source code for that episode

    the series has not started yet. but i do say when i start things up on twitter

    you can play the game HERE

    have phün & happy coding

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  • lewislepton

    howdy all,

    just to say that i have made a starter project for people wanting to get on & start coding in kha, rather than having to build the project from scratch each time.
    its not just for beginners or anything, more a starting point for folk to get a kha project underway & skipping the parts you can skip 😉

    you can head to
    to grab it

    ill be updating as & when i feel new things can go into it 😉
    so by all means edit it etc, or even send commit changes with things you think would/could be nice inside it 😉

    have phün & happy coding

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  • lewislepton

    just as a 'community question'

    is there anything that people need some brushing up on that they woulrd like me to go through on another video one time?

    link to reddit post i made which is asking this

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  • lewislepton

    @lubos yes, there is a video tutorial coming next week 😉

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  • lewislepton

    hey bud, i thought i put that in my video, for updating, was sure i did because its a main staple to getting all the latest cack?

    actually, yeah i did, the [technical] 3rd video

    thanks for the mention as well. means a lot

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