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howdy all,

just to say that i have made a starter project for people wanting to get on & start coding in kha, rather than having to build the project from scratch each time.
its not just for beginners or anything, more a starting point for folk to get a kha project underway & skipping the parts you can skip ;)

you can head to
to grab it

ill be updating as & when i feel new things can go into it ;)
so by all means edit it etc, or even send commit changes with things you think would/could be nice inside it ;)

have phün & happy coding

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its here ;)

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just as a 'community question'

is there anything that people need some brushing up on that they woulrd like me to go through on another video one time?

link to reddit post i made which is asking this

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@lubos yes, there is a video tutorial coming next week ;)

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hey bud, i thought i put that in my video, for updating, was sure i did because its a main staple to getting all the latest cack?

actually, yeah i did, the [technical] 3rd video

thanks for the mention as well. means a lot

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so we have reached past the 20th episode. more are coming. they will keep coming as long as there is something to do ;)

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hello peep holes,

the tutorial series is going really well, super in fact. right now have reached video 015. many have seemed to have at least given kha a good look. even haxe for that matter. seen a few extra people on the irc chat as well because of it. which is great

but one reason ive headed to reply on this forum post is that i have finally come to make a patreon for my endeavours, with kha & kha tutorials.
i could have set one up ages ago, but now, ive felt the time is right and actually makes more sense.

the patreon will be used for future material kha tutorials plus some new material and series i have been writing up on now. new scripted material. its still educational and informative. its not going to turn into a gaming channel ;)
its not going to be another coding based framework tutorial either. kha is my home for a while before i even think of doing something like that again. but new series on certain subjects are coming ;)

but anyhow, im waffling on. but if you would like to put towards the patreon, by all means. would mean a lot. you can go to the PATREON HERE

have phün & happy coding

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howdy all,

thought it would be a good idea to post here on a new video tutorial series in using kha. now this is for any person looking to use kha, whether beginner or someone wanting to brush up some skills

but by all means head to HERE FOR THE PLAYLIST

these will be uploaded as much as possible. and hopefully when we get to say tutorial 10/20/30 etc, then was thinking to do it through twitch. later then putting the recording on youtube

have phün & happy coding

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actually come to think of it. you wouldnt shoot yourself in the foot with kha as much as many who have learnt openGL now that vulkan is out ;)

but its all learning. thats life ;)

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well to first say. i was a openfl person. saw kha at the wwx2015, and was very impressed by it. waited a little bit because i looked at other avenues of what i wanted.
and really in all honesty, im sad i didnt start kha before.

whilst openfl is very good, its flash for people who dont want to use flash. but, ive never been a flash person, i hate flash with an utter passion. fine if you like it though. but just dont like it ;)
so the syntax was not too bad to learn, but there were pitfalls with openfl, things like listeners, and the weird things that would pop up.

now kha, is to me, very different to openfl. it actually is in its look, its handling, its pure speed and power to gives out through its rock hard pores.
i guess its more looking like opengl and those more low level things, and thats not a bad thing. because its not c++, but something better than opengl ;)

• you can create 2d games. you can use kha2d [alongside kha] to help with that, since it has animation stuff
• i think you can compile to flash. the git of kha should say everything as to what it can compile to
• kha is actually really simple. much more simple than openfl for what i have used comparred. such as comntroller support, sprite animation etc. is WAY easier to do than openfl

• you dont HAVE to know node, or really git. just the basics for upgrading kha and when finish, using node to build the project. but thats super simple

• 3d is fine, that exists.
• speed is frame rate has never been a problem with myself.
• i personally not tested on android, but ios is pretty sexy. and fast
• fonts do work ;)
• since kha is really for all platforms, there should be no problem. not from what i have seen so far.
• memory has not been a problem to me from what ive made. ive had things running in the background for hours and no changes in memory or even the fan whirring madly has even happened. and thats with a browser open playing it.
• not come across random spikes
• its really goddamn fast compiling. completely the opposite to openfl ;)

you can use kode studio as well. which really is what you should use for kha development. whilst it just runs things in electron/html, you can then just use the command line to build to other platforms.

also i have made some super simple examples for new users [i add more as and when i make things] - but should help understand and see what it can do, and how it does it

there is also a forum post on this forum with this same link

but hope that has helped some what. but really i feel kha is totally worth it. and said before, i wish i started before. but now is a really good time to ;)

all the best and happy coding

i will actually be making a new video tutorial series soon in using kha for your game/other stuff needs

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