• Jake Lewis

    Is there a way to prevent keystrokes entered into my kha app from passing thru to the browser? I'm thinking particularly of arrow keys - as these can cause the app to be scrolled in the browser.

    I tried adding
    at the end of kha.SystemImpl.keydown(), which worked, but prevented onKeyPress listeners from working.


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  • Jake Lewis

    From https://github.com/Kode/Kha/wiki/Feature-Matrix I notice that there is no current support for audio on iOS. I appreciate that this is an open source project, but I'm more of a graphics dev, (for web), so not really in much of a position to offer skills in this area.

    What is the plan for audio on iOS?

    Regards, Jake

    (Sorry for the lack of image for my profile, but the BB back end was giving me errors in uploading a headshot:
    Command failed: Unzul�ssiger Parameter - 128x128^

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