• harrisyu

    I use:
    windows 10;
    visual studio community 2017;
    Kode Studio 17.9.1;

    If I use kha come with Kode Studio, compile with fail, and ask for windows sdk 10.0.15063.0;
    After I switch kha path to git version, it ask for : 10.0.16299.0;
    What I have is 10.0.17134.0;
    I need to do:
    Change sdk version in visual studio, and build there.
    Download diffrent version and take more disk space.

    So, can we set windows sdk verison just in the project ?

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  • harrisyu

    Now everytime I will do compile, it works.

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  • harrisyu

    I delete the user folder and restart, now is ok, thank you.

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  • harrisyu

    I am new to kha, I meet this problem when starting KodeStudio, and autocompelete not working:
    Haxe language server started with Kha at E:/app/KodeStudio-win32/resources/app/extensions/kha/Kha
    Initializing completion cache...
    Failed - try fixing the error(s) and restarting the language server:

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