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    Greger Olsson

    Thanks for the info. Like I mentioned, my C++ build actually started working fine. I use https://github.com/360Controller/360Controller/releases to be able to hook up my Logitech controller which appears to work fine in Godot and now Kha/C++.

    I'm trying out Armory 3D which bundles Kha and Krom with uknown versions (don't know when they were built). I cloned and built the latest version of Krom and replaced the Krom.app bundled with Armory but it seems it is not compatible with the bundle version of Kha:

    Trace: TypeError: Krom.lockVertexBuffer is not a function
        at $hxClasses.kha.graphics4.VertexBuffer.lock (krom.js:30902:21)
        at $hxClasses.kha.graphics4.ImageShaderPainter.initBuffers (krom.js:29082:102)
        at new $hxClasses.kha.graphics4.ImageShaderPainter (krom.js:29039:7)
        at new $hxClasses.kha.graphics4.Graphics2 (krom.js:29854:22)
        at Function.kha_SystemImpl.init (krom.js:17095:90)
        at Function.kha_System.start (krom.js:16848:17)
        at Function.kha_System.init (krom.js:16842:13)
        at Function.Main.start (krom.js:197:13)
        at Function.Main.main (krom.js:161:7)
        at krom.js:34698:6

    So I'll go ahead and try to update Kha as well for Armory 0.5 and see if it helps.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Greger Olsson

    Did a new C++-build now and double checked my gamepads in various tools and for some reason it is working for me now:

    Output from log.

    Add gamepad: Vendor: Logitech, Name: Xbox 360 Wired Controller
    HID device plugged. 1 gamepad(s) connected.
    Add gamepad: Vendor: Sony, Name: PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller
    HID device plugged. 2 gamepad(s) connected.

    I haven't changed any code in Kha. Running macOS High Sierra with a fresh Xcode install.

    Still doesn't work for me in Krom though.

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    Greger Olsson

    I'm troubleshooting the same problem but am getting nowhere. There is a suspicious line commented in Kore/Input/HIDManager.cpp for macOS system backend:


    I can see the log entry on line :146


    But since no actual HIDGamepad is instantiated, I obviously don't get any callbacks for changes in axis or button state on the physical gamepad.

    Totally new to Kha so not sure where to go next.

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