• Dimous

    android-native assemble task takes forever.

    I tried this example with another library (actuate), the result is the same. Probably due to its tick is out of sync with rendering loop.

    function update():Void {
    	block.x += 1;
    	block.y += 1;

    makes sqare move in windows version and in android version there is no frame drop.

    Well, then, I guess my problem is solved. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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  • Dimous

    Hello, everyone!
    I installed kha from git (through haxelib), updated all submodules, pulled, modified Main.hx:

    	System.init({}, function () {
    		new Project();

    and Project.hx:

    public function loadAll(){
    	block = new Block(0, 0);
 , {x: 350, y: 350}).time(5.0).ease(EaseX.bounceOut).repeat(100);

    built html5, flash, windows, android targets in release mode (through HaxeDevelop).

    html5 and flash versions showed pretty smooth movements of the box;
    in windows version (ran on Windows 10 Home Edition) the box did not move and after I closed the window, TWEEN.exe continued to reside in the active processes list in Task Manager;
    android version showed 2-3 FPS on emulator and the same on Samsung Galaxy Note II.
    Openfl equivalent is performing a lot better.

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