Just in case i need to remember the steps in the future, so i will save it here. 😃

TODO list:

  1. download (http://haxe.org/download/) and install haxelib to C:\HaxeToolkit
  2. open cmd.exe
  3. run command: haxelib setup
  4. run command: haxelib install kha
  5. create folder anywhere.
  6. navigate to your project folder using cmd.exe
  7. run command: haxelib run kha --init
  8. it will create few folders and files inside your project folder.
  9. run any of these commands while you are in your project folder:
    1. haxelib run kha windows
    2. haxelib run kha ios
    3. haxelib run kha android
    4. haxelib run kha android-native
    5. haxelib run kha html5
    6. haxelib run kha flash
  10. it will build project files for popular IDEs. (FlashDevelop, Visual Studio, etc.)
  11. open created project file with popular IDE. 🙂
  12. build again.
  13. Probably automate it in some way.