howdy folkles,

KhappyBalt is a kha converted version of the HaxeFlixel demo FlappyBalt

this will be featured in a short game series that co-insides with the kha tutorial series, which teaches how to use kha for creative coding purposes.
in the game series we will be making this game from start to finish

• sprite animation
• one touch gameplay
• particles [still working on this]
• building menu, options, retry & gameplay states [not in the original]
• buttons to start the game, retry etc
• adding sounds & randomising them [not in original]
• tweening menu stuff & other cack [not in original]
• making a reusable library
• making it playable on iOS & android as well as html & desktop
• exporting for html & playable on itchio

this version of the game is still in the beta stages until its fully finished & then will be recorded into the game series.
source code for the series will be available as well
patreon backers will get the entire series first, along with the source code. public releases will on tuesdays/thursdays, along with the source code for that episode

the series has not started yet. but i do say when i start things up on twitter

you can play the game HERE

have phün & happy coding