Kode Studio unable to find Visual Studio 2017 for compile on Windows

Brilliant! That did the trick. Thank you for the quick response.
Kode Studio outputs...

Visual Studio not found.
--compile not yet implemented for this platform

Though, the VS project files are created and I'm able to open and compile them properly in VS 2017. Have a wonderful evening.


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adding new platform

Hey Robert.
I able to understand small portion of Kha backend from your video. Thanks !

so, since this is quite adventurous for me , I want to try the basic text first.
Once it able to compile, then i will try to implement the most basic level of Kha.

just an update & a bit of a question.

I able to generate the build/n3dshb-build/Release/Makefile using a new Exporter for 3DS Homebrew (N3DSHB) (Tools/koremake). The Exporter just open the template and write it in the build folder.

using the same method, I also generate the /n3dshb-build/Release/source/main.c , which was the entrypoint for any N3DSHB application.

so, the question is where i can change so that the compiler will "convert" Source/Main.hx into /n3dshb-build/Release/source/main.c ?

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