Kode Studio unable to find Visual Studio 2017 for compile on Windows

Brilliant! That did the trick. Thank you for the quick response.
Kode Studio outputs...

Visual Studio not found.
--compile not yet implemented for this platform

Though, the VS project files are created and I'm able to open and compile them properly in VS 2017. Have a wonderful evening.


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How to draw unicode characters?

Just a quick recap since the recent server issues lost some posts:

Since 17.9.1, the unicode glyphs have stopped rendering for me when running via Kode Studio on Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Intel HD Graphics 3000).

I've uploaded a sample to KodeGarden (link below), but that also has an unusual (possibly unrelated problem) where it works for me (including the unicode glyphs) when I first click and follow that link, but if I then click "Compile & Restart" nothing renders whatsoever.


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